ESX - Complete Server Pack(V1.2 Premium)

ESX - Complete Server Pack(V1.2 Premium)

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Live Demo Server:

Our latest premium Fivem ESX server pack. Built on ESX v1.2Final, It includes the following features:

  • SolarScripts LoadingScreen(x1)
  • SolarScripts ESX Jobcentre
  • SolarScripts DrugImport
  • Custom GcPhone V3 with Integrated Twitter support
  • PowerPlant Heist
  • Yacht Heist
  • Vangelico Jewellery Robbery
  • ESX jobs including Police, EMS, Mechanic, Garbage, etc.
  • Custom Gangs Script, With Mafia and Street Gang pre-configured, Easily add more from one simple config.
  • ESX Kashacters Multi-Char (Support for up to 4 character slots)
  • Premium Buildings and MLO's including CourtHouse, Pillbox Hospital, Legion 24/7, Legion Weed store, Mission Row PD, Comedy Club, Lost MC, And Mafia mansion Interiors.
  • ESX InventoryHud including lots of inventory item images for you to use, 
  • BlackMarket store with Body Armour and Bandages.
  • Illegal Gun store with various illegal weapons
  • Legal Gun stores with Pistol and other legal weapons
  • Custom Driving School Building with driving test.
  • Custom Police Vehicles
  • Custom Civilian Cars 
  • Lay on Hospital bed to recover health when no medics around
  • Advanced Housing System
  • Advanced Car Dealership
  • Automatic Prison
  • Custom Casino with Games and Job
  • NPC Drug  Sales
  • EasyAdmin
  • Optimized, the complete package runs at only 2.8ms

We can install all of our FiveM Esx server packs. Please be sure to add this with your purchase if required, You can then submit a request via our chat to arrange a suitable installation time. If you require additional changes our staff may be able to arrange this for extra costs, Please contact us via our live chat to discuss this.

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