ESX - Multichar v2 (Solar Edition)
ESX - Multichar v2 (Solar Edition)
ESX - Multichar v2 (Solar Edition)

ESX - Multichar v2 (Solar Edition)

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A new and updated multichar script.

This script will only work with ESX Legacy

Some features:

  • Option to add your own logo.
  • Shows remaining time in prison (requires esx jail script)
  • Displaying Character model while selecting your char.
  • Easy setup without the previous headaches of kash
  • Location Indicator, always know where you last logged off
  • Shows your inventory for easy character management
  • Updated UI

Solar Multicharacter v2.2.0 - Changelog

  • Moved Character registration into UI (still requires esx_identity to work)
  • Added custom register trigger
  • Re-added slot counts and character selectors will now update dynamically
  • Changed some minor UI elements
  • Improved responsiveness

Solar Multicharacter v2.1.1 - Changelog

  • Added camera customizations settings.
  • Added time of day setting.

Solar Multicharacter v2.1.0 - Changelog

  • Removed MOTD feature as the creation process works differently now.
  • Updated and improved lunar UI
  • New multichar features now work with lunar UI
  • Added location indicator
  • Added Inventory display (can be turned off)
  • Improved lua code