ESX/QBCore - Solar Admin Panel
ESX/QBCore - Solar Admin Panel
ESX/QBCore - Solar Admin Panel
ESX/QBCore - Solar Admin Panel
ESX/QBCore - Solar Admin Panel
ESX/QBCore - Solar Admin Panel
ESX/QBCore - Solar Admin Panel
ESX/QBCore - Solar Admin Panel
ESX/QBCore - Solar Admin Panel
ESX/QBCore - Solar Admin Panel
ESX/QBCore - Solar Admin Panel
ESX/QBCore - Solar Admin Panel
ESX/QBCore - Solar Admin Panel

ESX/QBCore - Solar Admin Panel

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Introducing our new custom admin panel.

This admin panel is the next level admin script for ESX Legacy meant as a replacement for es_admin used in previous versions of ESX.

Supporting ESX Legacy and QBcore. This admin panel will not work with esx 1.1

This script is using the tebex escrow system and will be linked to your fivem account.

  • Features a completely custom UI using our in-house Lunar UI
  • All common admin functions and more
  • Custom Ban system with quick access button for permabans
  • Full GUI item and weapon list for easy spawning
  • Spawn vehicles from pre-configured config
  • Easy user management with promote/demote function using ESX's group system
  • Customizable perms for each rank in the config
  • Full Discord logging
  • Weather and time control
  • Inspect inventory and garages
  • Easy role and job management
  • Easy to install

 Full Feature List:

  • Kick
  • Temp Ban
  • Perm Ban (custom db system)
  • UnBan
  • Give Cash
  • Give Bank Account Cash
  • Open Player Inventory (requires InventoryHud)
  • Give Item
  • Give Weapons
  • Give Vehicle
  • Teleport Waypoint
  • Bring Player
  • GoTo Player
  • Spectate Player
  • Freeze Player
  • Kill Player
  • Revive Player
  • NoClip
  • Godmode
  • Announcements
  • Group Management
  • Easy Config Based Permission system for each Rank
  • Spawn Vehicles
  • Change Player jobs
  • Change weather
  • Change time
  • Blackout mode
  • Punishment system
  • Offline bans

Solar Admin 2.6.1 - Changelog

  • Changed qbcore group function and error message
  • Changed Object heading will now stay the same between placements
  • Changed max object render distance to 800
  • Fixed small layout issue in object suggestion
  • Improved server perfomance

Solar Admin 2.6.0 - Changelog

  • Added Object Spawner and manager
  • Added searchbar to banlist
  • Added group and id to playerinfo
  • Added Refresh button to vehicle and weaponlist
  • Fixed Offline ban not including banned by data
  • Fixed Banlist not updating in real time
  • Fixed broken notification when changing time
  • Modals can now be confirmed by pressing the enter key
  • Lunar UI improvements

Solar Admin 2.5.5 - Changelog

  • Added notification config to custom triggers
  • Fixed Permission group issues for qbcore
  • Moved Permissions table to it's own file for easier management
  • Updated Version Checker
  • Minor bugfixes

Solar Admin 2.5.4 - Changelog

  • Added Custom Actions, you can now make your own buttons with custom functionality.
  • Updated Lunar UI:
    • Improved Initilization system.
    • Added loading indicator for data.
    • Removed Admin Action button in favor of an universal back button.
    • Added pointer when hovering over players and items.
    • Fixed layout issues for items in lists and when returning to the admin action page in certain instances.
    • Window title is now updating to the page you are on.

Solar Admin 2.5.2 - Changelog

  • Added Tempban config option to warnings
  • Added permissions levels

Solar Admin 2.5.1 - Changelog

  • Removed support for ESX 1.2. We will only support ESX Legacy(1.3+) and QBCore in the future.
  • Removed ESX version setting
  • Removed Ox inventory and framework setting, will now detect automatically
  • Moved Triggers to their own file
  • Added Custom ban trigger support
  • Fixed Spectate not allowing you to spectate people out of range
  • Fixed Noclip not turning you invisible in certain cases
  • Fixed Version number not being shown in the footer
  • Fixed Version Checker getting wrong version number when running multiple solar scripts
  • Minor UI tweaks

Solar Admin v2.5.0 - Changelog

  • Added blips to show player info above players heads and on the map that can be toggled in admin actions
  • Added custom action permission to config
  • Added Player warnings with custom warning threshold for auto kick through UI and command /warn
  • Added Report function, players can use /report which will show up on the reports section on admin panel with ability to delete and teleport to player
  • Added Clothing menu button and custom trigger in config
  • Added datatags to info panels
  • Added Player count per rank to admininfo panel
  • Changed playerlist is now sorted by name
  • Fixed rp name not showing properly on qbcore
  • Fixed spectate now works across the entire map
  • Fixed minor bugs

Solar Admin v2.4.2.1 - Changelog

  • Added banned by column to bans list (totally overlooked it for so long)
  • Added migration tool for qbcore bans using the command "migratebans" in the server console

Solar Admin v2.4.2 - Changelog

  • Fixed bans not working properly in esx and qbcore
  • Added refresh button to items and jobs in the case it doesnt load properly on start
  • Player info and rank are now updating in real time
  • Minor code improvements
  • Improved version checker

 Solar Admin v2.4.1 - Changelog

  • Added Vehicle Images for all vanilla vehicles. (Custom vehicle images can be added to your items images folder as specified in the server.cfg)
  • Small fix for vehicles not deleting on cycler
  • Added version checker
  • Small improvements to Lunar UI

Solar Admin v2.4.0 - Changelog

  • Added full support for QBcore, which can be changed in the config
  • Added job to player infopanel
  • Added new Vehicle Spawner which lets you freely move and cycle through vehicles on the fly (WIP)
  • Added Personal Garage Inspector to player actions
  • Added Ability to give vehicles to people
  • Added customizable player button trigger
  • Optimized code for lunar UI
  • Moved Weather and Job menu into the modal overlay
  • Code improvements and bugfixes

Solar Admin v2.2.4 - Changelog

  • Removed vehicle deletion when spawning a vehicle via admin panel. Please use common sense when spawning them now.
  • Added full ox inventory support, making it more efficient and even easier to use.

Solar Admin v2.2.2 - Changelog

  • Fixed NoClip Bug.Changed.
  • ESX Object to FXmanifest import.

 Admin Panel v1.2 - Changelog

  • Added god mode
  • Added player job option
  • updated configs with 500+ vehicles
  • Showing admin coords with an option to copy to clipboard
  • perfomance improvements

 Admin Panel v1.3 - Changelog

  • Added revive option
  • Window is now dragable and can be placed anywhere on the screen.
  • Back button is more apparent
  • minor bug fixes

Admin Panel v1.4 - Changelog

  • Added dynamic weather system
  • you can now change or freeze the ingame time
  • Added a blackout mode
  • minor perfomance improvements
  • fixed db caching system spam

Admin Panel v2.0 - Changelog

  • Added punish option that impairs the players vision and slows them down.
  • Added commands for every action.
  • Added discord logging.
  • Added input for vehicle names.
  • Added searchbar to itemlist.
  • Added Offline bans.
  • Code Improvements in js.
  • Slight design changes.

Admin Panel v2.0.1 - Changelog

  • Perfomance improvements
  • Bugfixes

Solar Admin v2.1.0 - Changelog

  • Made installation even easier, no sql or anything required.
  • Added Heading to player coords.
  • Added invisibility option.
  • Added full esx legacy support and config option.
  • Added custom inventory images support.
  • Added ability to add custom vehicle preview images.
  • Added ability to add custom trigger for inventory inspection.
  • minor bugfixes

Solar Admin v2.2.0 - Changelog

  • Updated Noclip to a new system
  • Added weapon as item option
  • Custom rank support for esx legacy
  • Added support for vehicle key triggers
  • Updated UI

Solar Admin v2.2.1 - Changelog

  • Added option to disable discord names to appear in the logs
  • Added option to disable weather and time sync
  • Added custom trigger option for announcements
  • Fixed very slow noclip issues
  • Changed Default noclip key to F10 and removed perm error spam for non admins
  • Noclip will now turn you invisible when flying around.
  • Disabled cqc and pistolwhipping from punish mode.