QB - Solar Chop Shop
QB - Solar Chop Shop
QB - Solar Chop Shop
QB - Solar Chop Shop
QB - Solar Chop Shop

QB - Solar Chop Shop

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 A simple UI provides a list of wanted cars, Find one of the listed vehicles and take them to one of the chop shop locations, Here you will wait as the vehicle is chopped (chance to alert cops), Once the vehicle is fully chopped you will be given cash and items (Also configurable)

  • Configurable list of wanted vehicles for players to steal.
  • Multiple Locations(Easily add coordinates of more),
  • Gives players cash and items (amount of cash and items given are fully configurable. Perfect for giving crafting parts, vehicles parts, etc)
  • Wanted vehicles list with custom UI (Shows sought-after vehicles that pay a higher value. Selected from configurable config table)
  • Chance to alert police (Random configurable chance to alert police, Supports Custom police systems such as core dispatch, etc)


This version is suitable for QBCore only.

Both the notification and target system can be edited to use whatever you like, By default, the ones listed below are pre-configured, If you wish to change them, you can do so in the config.lua via the exposed functions.

noticeme: https://github.com/MineBill/noticeme
qtarget: https://github.com/overextended/qtarget