ESX - Solar Drug Sales

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Solar ESX Drug Sales

 SolarScripts presents ESX Solar Drug Sales. This script allows for the sale of drugs to NPC's. It also goes great with our Solar Drug Import v2. It is fully configurable to match any drug systems already on your server. The script currently supports from 1 - 6 different drug types. The script also utilizes FiveM Target for improved performance, Running at 0.00/0.01ms.


  • Fully configurable for up to 6 different drugs
  • Configurable chance to alert police via gcphone alert
  • Smooth Animations.
  • Blacklist models by removing them from the pedList.
  • Lots of config options such as distance, prices, and names.
  • Written for ESX v1.3 (Legacy)


This script requires FiveM-Target